My name is Maya (Schoss) Armoza, a jewelry designer, married to beloved Matan and a mother to sweet Adam. I live and create in Kiryat-ono.
My story started, in the magical jewelry designing department of 'Shenkar College' where I completed my B.A., a true love story. Within the design and crafting workshops, I discovered a marvelous world of materials, techniques, and fascinating thinking and creating -- and from this point, the sky is the limit. For me, the jewelry world is the oxygen in the air I breathe, a reason to wake up smiling and start the day.

I get the inspiration for my creations from everywhere within and around me. The design process starts with external observations about my surroundings and an inner contemplation about their meaning. From this context, I create new, unique, and exciting fusions. Initially, these fusions take shape as sketches with pen and paper which latter I bring to life with the blowtorch and precious metals. The creation of each piece of jewelry is done through a delicate and sui generis handicraft.

The beautiful raw materials I use are always of the highest quality and standards, gold in various colors, silver, gems, and stunning diamonds.
I welcome you into my world, and to take part in my magical story.
If you have any questions just send a message.


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